Adaptive Advantage: Innovating in Healthcare on the SXSW PanelPicker!

The PanelPicker is live! On Monday, August 6th SXSW opened PanelPicker to gather the public’s feedback on community submitted panels. Anyone can vote on the proposals they would like to see, and voting is open through Thursday, August 30th. 

Joining over 4,000 submissions, Capital City Innovation worked with our network to convene partners across Austin to present, Adaptive Advantage: Innovating in Healthcare.

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Session Description

Austin is an internationally-recognized hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in digital technologies and engineering. It is now setting out to leverage its strengths and experience in these areas to create an innovation center for health and life sciences.

Partners across the city are leveraging the evolving technology ecosystem to develop an innovation district that may pioneer the future of healthcare. Using enterprise and creative thinking, partnerships can form to tackle tough challenges and see success through bureaucratic obstacles.

Hear how three panelists are building community as they begin their journey of breaking silos and blending boundaries between hardware, digital technologies, and health.



  • Unique opportunities and successes that come from working collaboratively in the health and life sciences ecosystem.
  • How to being to build partnership for a community to innovate in healthcare together through placemaking, partnership and programming.
  • Obstacles and challenges that may arise when working with outside partners on the creation of a new innovation district.

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Christopher Laing, MRCVS, PhD Executive Director, Capital City Innovation
As Executive Director of Capital City Innovation, Chris leads an organization that is coordinating the stakeholders of the innovation district emerging around Austin’s new health complex. Previously, Chris was a member of the senior management team of Philadelphia’s University City Science Center, the country’s oldest and largest urban innovation hub.

Follow Chris on Twitter @chrislaing