The Texas Life Sciences Landscape Report is Here!

On Monday, February 11th Executive Director, Chris Laing sat on a panel on the Texas Innovation Ecosystem and how it impacts the Texas economy for the Annual THBI Summit held during Life Science Week. You can read a short recap of the event in THBI’s latest newsletter.

During the summit the Texas Life Sciences Landscape report was released. The report was put together by THBI and Texas Insight and provides an overview of the Texas Life Sciences Industry.

Laing was quoted in the study:

“One of the things that surprised me to learn about the Austin region is that there is a significant life sciences presence here already, but it’s diffuse. Dell Medical School is starting to coalesce some of these capabilities, and in a way that leverages Austin’s other, well-known strengths in data analytics, logistics, startups, and hardware. It is this rare confluence of engineering, computer science, and biology/health that positions Austin to excel in the future of the life science industry.” 

— Christopher Laing, executive director, Capital City Innovation

Check out some fast facts included in the report:

  • Texas ranked third in the country for clinical trials, after California and New York. (p.13)

  • Texas ranked sixth in the country for venture capital funding for bioscience (p.14)

  • Texas ranked seventh in the country for National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant funding (p.14)

You can download and dig into the the full report to see how Texas is innovating.


Victoria O'Dell, Program and Communications Manager, Capital City Innovation
As Program and Communications Manager of Capital City Innovation, Victoria facilitates channels for collaborative work around Austin's emerging Innovation district in downtown Austin and beyond. Previously, she was a freelance designer working with non-profits, small businesses, and startups across Austin.

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