Capital City Innovation has been here for a year!

We’ve been working with our founders and community, government, business, and creative industry partners to get started in creating an innovation district ecosystem, and we need your help!


We want to create an inclusive and accessible environment for people and organizations to collaborate and come up with new solutions for keeping our communities healthy and for creating economic opportunities for everyone.

In 2018, we held events with community, business, and academic partners in telemedicine, patient access, and life science startups. We worked on helping to accelerate companies and non-profits to create middle-skills jobs. And we started connecting with government and community groups on thinking about how the physical place of the innovation district might look in the future.                                                                           


Now we want to take a look at how we are connecting with our community. To learn who we are reaching, who we are plugging in, and who we are missing! This information will be enormously helpful in planning our activities for 2019 and for long-term strategy planning.

The survey is short (11 questions), and is completely anonymous. Please help us do a better job of getting people involved as we work to create meaningful platforms for participation that re-thinks health and economic growth for all!