Are you a startup company with an idea for a product or service that could impact the health or social community safety net?

While we wait for our proposal to the FAST program to be evaluated, we are running a pilot to provide assistance to startup companies that are interested in applying for an SBIR or STTR grant from the National Institutes of Health, or the National Science Foundation.


Who is Eligible?

You should be a Texas-based startup company or academic entrepreneur with support from your university to form a startup company. You should have an early-stage product-development program that will have a positive impact on community health or wellbeing (we interpret this broadly – bring us your healthcare, transportation, energy, and other projects).

Preference will be given to projects that are (or that could) collaborate with academic and/or safety-net organizations.


What will you receive?

For successful applicants, Capital City Innovation will provide assistance in an SBIR or STTR phase 1 application to either the NSF or the NIH.

This will include the following:

  • Registering your company with the granting agencies
  • Helping you develop your grant strategy including finding the right opportunity to apply for
  • Assisting in identifying and connecting with collaborators
  • Providing direction for creating the grant application documents including the research narrative
  • Budget and other administrative forms review
  • Review of all materials, and submission of your grant.

These professional services are worth more than $3,000. We will not take equity or require you to repay the waived fee. However, we will ask that you keep us updated on whether your application was successful and provide us with periodic updates on your company.


Have questions? Want to apply?

If you have questions about SBIR/STTR, start by looking at which is a great resource. Then if you still have questions, or if you have questions, contact us at:

 If you are thinking about applying, our process is simple. Please send us a write-up of no more than 1-page (12-point, single-spaced) that describes the following (if you don’t know something yet, just say so – we’re trying to get a sense of where you are in your process and how we can help):

  • Your company
    Do you already have a startup, who formed it, and why was it formed?
  • The problem you are solving
    Concentrate on the specific problem you are trying to solve with the product you are seeking SBIR/STTR funding to support. Who will use it – and when and why?
  • What you already know
    Have you already done some prototyping? Have you begun to speak to users? Or manufacturers?
  • What work still needs to be done to develop your product
    What do you think are the key next three steps?
  • What resources and expertise you have and what you need
    Who is on your team? Do you already have access to specialized facilities and resources? Other than funding, what other expertise, connections, or resources do you need (we want to help)?


What happens after you apply?

We will review your one-page proposal within 2 weeks and will get back to you with our thoughts.

We will be evaluating proposals for their commercial merit, appropriateness for SBIR/STTR funding, and whether we believe we can provide substantive assistance.

Regardless of whether we feel able to help you, we will try and speak to everyone who submits a proposal.

Our next deadline for submissions is August 15.